Love & Other Shit, Short Stories


One day, there was a girl. 

She lost her way to her grandmother’s house. 

She came across a beautiful meadow. 

Instantly, a subtle sweet smell reeled her back. She knew she had to take a look.
With a turn of her heel, she spun around and walked towards it. 

She felt compelled. Something was pulling her in and it was more than just the scent.

She began threading through the meadows; leaves tickling her ankles, petals brushing against her calves. 
Somehow, she couldn’t put her finger on where exactly the smell was bringing her. 

She leaned down and took a sniff of the poppy below. Nope, it’s not the one. 

Taking a few steps deeper, a pretty flower, with rough purple edges and a pretty shine, caught her eye. 

Trampling on the poppies, she reached down to the odd flower. 
The moment she swooped it up, she could already smell it.

Indeed it was where the smell is coming from. Smiling to herself, she admired it’s beauty. She thought about how she never smelled anything so nice. Or held something so precious. Or looked at anything so beautiful before.

She also noticed that it’s the only one in the field. She felt like the luckiest girl alive.

Blinking a few times, she looked around and frowned. 

Instead, she was now in the middle of the meadows, lost yet again. 

Just like falling in and out of love.